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Our ability to proposition projects and maintenance works has been vital to our business success, using particular programmes to developed each project.

Planning Services

Our project control system has been a crucial part of the project success.

All projects materials, welding consumables and equipment can be examined and each item can be tracked in our developed document packs.

In addition, we provide full traceability complete with certification for the following:

  • Pipe-work Material
  • Welding Consumables
  • In-line fitting Materials
  • In-line Valves
  • Welding Filler Material
  • Welder I.D
  • Welder Coding’s

At the completion of each project, this information is compiled into a document pack and presented to client as a single document, providing history on the material origin etc.

The document pack includes the following:

  • Pressure Test Certificate
  • Material Certification
  • Welder Quals
  • Weld Map
  • Joint Integrity Certification
  • Handover sheet
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